Suddenly you are faced with decisions which never
entered your mind until now.

Which HomeCare provider should I choose?

Who can I trust?

Will they be the right fit?

Will they provide the best care for my loved one?

We recognize how overwhelming this can be & we're here to help you get care you can count on.

Selecting the Right Provider: What to Ask

Choosing a home healthcare provider for your loved one can be difficult. We put together a list of questions to assist you, as you interview agencies.

We hope the following questions are helpful in your process & we hope Hiawatha HomeCare is on your interview list.

How we are different

One point of contact.

This helps to ensure responsibility is taken and assures that nothing will be lost in communication.


Family members count on us & we pride ourselves on being on time and staying until our scheduled time so you are not inconvenienced.

Our Promise.

While we know consistency is important, we also know that sometimes staff can get sick. We promise to keep you informed if someone is sick or send a replacement.

Testimonial from a parent using Hiawatha HomeCare

We are so thankful to have found Hiawatha HomeCare, they are great communicators and they care for my son with great compassion that makes me feel like I can live my life when I'm not at home.

Thank you for the wonderful care Hiawatha Homecare has provided Bentley since 2016. The nurses have provided outstanding care day in and day out. Because you have provided consistent staffing, Bentley has established relationships with his nurses that is truly unique. Each nurse has been able to get to know Bentley on a level that’s almost as close as a parent. They know his idiosyncrasies which has lead to the fastest identification of an approaching illness. On top of that, their care has reduced his hospitalization/rehospitalization rates.Bentley not only receives competent and qualified care, he receives loving and kind care. We are able to go to work and know that Bentley is in the best hands. We don’t worry because we know Bentley is safe and loved. If we didn’t have the care from Hiawatha, I’m certain that Bentley wouldn’t have proper home care. From the most picky of pickiest moms and a nurse, we are forever grateful for the care from Hiawatha. We also have the BEST case manager in the universe. We love y'all and keep up the great work!

We know that this is a stressful time in your life & we are here to help.


Schedule an appointment to meet with us and interview us, to make sure we are the right fit for your family member

Getting to Know You

Meet & greet with you & Hiawatha team

Going Home

Upon your discharge, a nurse meets you at hospital


We will communicate with family, physicians & medical supply company

We believe that people achieve faster recovery from illness, injury, surgical intervention, or chronic medical conditions when health care is provided within the comfort and security of home and family.