​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Every month we like to honor those individuals on our team who contribute a little extra, even beyond the normal exceptional service all our Caregivers provide. Be sure to return frequently to see who is every month's new Caregiver of the Month!


August 2021:

Congratulations to our August Caregiver of the Month, Allie Gwyn! Allie is an amazing caregiver and a great representative of Hiawatha HomeCare. She has worked for Hiawatha HomeCare for years and she has made a huge impact on her client. Some of the words that described Allie were that she never misses any steps, goes above and beyond, and that she is a very special nurse.
Allie is a dependable and patient caregiver who always provides the best care for her client. Allie is a gem in this industry! We hope this recognition motivates others like herself to strive for greatness and to care so compassionately for the generations before her and that it gives her the honorary recognition she deserves. Thank you, Allie!





July 2021:

Congratulations to Lee Maher, Hiawatha HomeCare’s Caregiver of the Month for July 2021! Our clients adore his kind and friendly personality. We are constantly impressed by the care he provides and his ability to go above and beyond to put people first. For example, Lee recently referred a friend to Hiawatha, so his client would have more care. We receive countless stories from his clients and their families, praising the quality of care provided by Lee.
Lee never hesitates to help out and has truly shown his dedication and passion as a nurse at Hiawatha HomeCare. He continues to do a stellar job with a go-getter attitude – no matter the task. Thank you, Lee, for all that you do for Hiawatha HomeCare and your clients!





June 2021:

Congratulations to Hiawatha HomeCare caregiver of the month for June 2021, Heather Green!
Heather has a very calm and sweet personality that her client adores. She is not only a star nurse but truly shows what it means to be a team player and put people first. Our client is always over the moon and impressed by the care she provides. We receive countless stories from her case manager and her client praising her quality of care. When we asked her what was her favorite thing about working at Hiawatha, she said "I enjoy working at Hiawatha because the clients and families have been wonderful to work with. The office staff is helpful and responds quickly to questions and concerns."
Heather has truly shown her dedication and passion as a caregiver at Hiawatha HomeCare. She is flexible, reliable, and dependable — and we are extremely grateful to have her on the team. We are so proud of Heather and couldn’t be more thrilled to honor her!





May 2021: 


We are proud to announce that Illysa Albright is the recipient of the Caregiver of the Month Award for May 2021!
Illysa is a sweet, caring, and easy-going person who is incredibly patient and loving with the client she serves. She takes a lot of pride in the in-home care services she provides and has great respect for this work to ensure the client's needs are met while in the comfort of their home. She is reliable and always there to lend a helping hand whenever it’s needed. Hiawatha HomeCare is grateful that Illysa is a part of our family.
When we told Illysa she won caregiver of the month, this is what she had to say. Her answer truly reflects the amazing attitude she brings to work every day:
“It was an absolute joy to care for the client! He is an incredible little kiddo who has an amazing and loving family! I could not have asked for a more perfect family to work for!!! I truly felt welcome and part of the family from day one! I look forward to continuing care for them in the future! I appreciate everything Hiawatha has done for me including being flexible with scheduling and my status! Upon completion of my RN, I would absolutely love to return to full-time status and continue providing care to our clients!”
Thank you, Illysa, for your hard work and dedication. Everyone at Hiawatha HomeCare thanks you!







April 2021: 

This month, we are excited to announce that Anne Parsons is Caregiver of the Month at Hiawatha HomeCare.
Anne is an experienced caregiver who joined the Hiawatha HomeCare team in May of 2017. She has been an exemplary employee, offering her time in any way needed. Anne‘s caregiving style is marked by compassion, kindness, and consistency – traits that foster genuine, long-term relationships with the client she serves explaining why she has been with her client for many years! She is always available for fill-in shifts, great at giving weekly updates, and has excellent documentation! Anne has traveled across the state to provide exceptional care for her client. She creates a comfort zone where her client can flourish and have a purpose in life. We are privileged to have Anne as an employee and thank her for her continued dedication to Hiawatha and her client. Congrats Anne!






March 2021:

Congratulations to Hiawatha Homecare's caregiver of the month for March 2021, Tina Do! Tina truly has a passion for serving and supporting the needs of her client, and she genuinely brings a positive attitude to everything she does. Tina is great at communicating and documenting when providing care to her clients and takes initiative by anticipating care needs. Tina has excellent time management skills when it comes to the patient and also documentation. Tina has a great rapport with her current client with an authentic dynamic that captures not only her skill set but also a smile that validates the client and creates a sense of security. Thank you, Tina, for all that you do for Hiawatha HomeCare and your clients!








February 2021:

We would like to congratulate Lisa Frederick for being our February Caregiver of the Month! We nominated Lisa as Caregiver of the month because Lisa has a wealth of skills and knowledge and has compassion and dedication to her clients and our company as well. She has worked with several of our clients in unique situations and has gone in to cover last-minute shifts. Lisa is always willing to go the extra mile for anyone she encounters. She is always willing to work where ever and whenever she is needed. She has been a great asset to us during the time she has been a part of our team. Thank you again for all you do Lisa!







January 2021:

Congratulations to Hiawatha HomeCare caregiver of the month for January 2021, Ayo! Ayo is truly a diamond in the rough. She has been an active HCA caregiver since March 2012 and has worked with several clients for many years. Ayo is easy to work with and is always ready to help the team or any client in need. Several clients and their loved ones have called and attested to Ayo as a highly experienced, knowledgeable, caring, reliable, and helpful caregiver. They also expressed that she is someone who overall has a great heart. Ayo has proven her dedication year after year and we look forward to having her on our roster for many years to come! We are truly honored that she is a part of our winning team! Thank you, Ayo, for all that you do for Hiawatha HomeCare and your clients!






December 2020:

  We want to take a moment to say congrats to Lisa Frye- Hofschulte for Caregiver of the Month for December 2020. Her dependability, flexibility, and ability to motivate clients to improve their overall wellness, has all led to accomplishing our mission of improving the quality of life for those we serve. She is very detailed orientated in her client's care and in charting. Our team and clients describe Lisa as “outstanding, kind, and caring!” Every client Lisa cares for raves about her! Thanks for everything you do, Lisa! Your work does not go unnoticed!






November 2020:

Hiawatha HomeCare is proud to present Elisabeth Echefu as our Caregiver of the Month for November 2020! Elisabeth possesses an immense dedication to her role as a nurse, and shows her compassion and understanding with everyone she cares for. Since joining the Hiawatha team, Elisabeth has gone above and beyond to provide a compassionate and exceptional caring experience for her clients. Her ability to effectively listen and respond to her clients’ needs is remarkable, and she easily adapts within any environment. Elisabeth truly makes a difference in the lives of those she cares for, and our staff can count on her in any situation. We are thankful to have Elisabeth on our team, and are honored to highlight her achievements as a Hiawatha HomeCare caregiver.







We are proud to announce that Heidi Woldmoe is the recipient of the Caregiver of the Month Award for October! Heidi is a fantastic caregiver! Throughout the years we have received many compliments from her clients and their loved ones regarding the care and support she has provided. Heidi is passionate about her client, very proactive, and engages with a sense of kindness that makes her client feel genuinely cared for. Heidi is truly one of a kind! Thank you, Heidi, for bringing joy, comfort, and a sense of family to all you work with at Hiawatha Homecare.






September 2020:


Brenda is a loyal employee and SO dedicated to her client. She has worked at Hiawatha Homecare for 2 years now. She is a skilled nurse and excellent in every respect. She is always willing to pick up shifts & always arrives at her client's home with a smile. She is punctual, reliable, and efficient with a wonderful personality and sense of humor. Brenda catches on fast and has wonderful intuition on what needs to be done. No one ever needs to ask her to do something twice. Overall, Brenda is a highly professional, more than capable nurse and is a cherished employee of Hiawatha Homecare. Her clients and their families seem to love her and consider her a five-star nurse. Thanks to Brenda, who helps to make Hiawatha Homecare an outstanding Homecare Agency.




August 2020:

Congratulations to our August Caregiver of the Month, Cherri Lexvold! Cherri represents Hiawatha HomeCare in an exemplary manner. She has worked for Hiawatha for 22 years and has made a huge impact on the lives of every client she has cared for. Cherri is a dependable and patient caregiver who always provides the best care for every one of her clients. One of the families she currently works for made a recent move to Minnesota to get the best care for their child. Cherri has helped welcome them to Minnesota with open arms. Cherri always knows how to put a smile on the client's face. Some of the activities they do together include playing dolls, taking walks around the neighborhood, and doing arts and crafts. Thank you, Cherri, for all that you do for our clients in bringing them joy each and every day. We appreciate you!


July 2020:

Congrats to Kris Springer for Caregiver of the Month for July 2020. Kris was nominated by her client's husband-- "she is a lifesaver" is one of the words he used to describe her. She is always willing to pick up shifts and committed to her clients. She provides a sense of security to the client knowing that Kris will always be there. Kris started at Hiawatha HomeCare in 2006. She has grown within the company for the last 14 years. She is very detailed in her charting and cares. Thanks, Kris for all that you do we cant wait to see what the next 10+ years will be like.







June 2020:

We are thrilled to announce that Annette is our Caregiver of the Month—June 2020! Annette started with us in 2012 and we have been so grateful ever since. Annette is a sweet person who is willing to give her heart in a big way. She has been amazing from day one. Her heart is made of gold and she is always advocating for Hiawatha HomeCare! Annette has wonderful communication skills with the clients and our office staff. Our Client love to see her smile when she comes through the door. Annette is a cherished Nurse and we are so blessed to have her as a part of our team here at Hiawatha HomeCare! Thank you, Annette, for all you do, we simply would not be here without you!







May 2020: Cheri McDonald

Congratulations to our caregiver of the month for May, Cheri McDonald! Cheri is a great caregiver who is always willing to go above and beyond and is loved and adored by her clients. Cheri is Hiawatha Homecare team cheerleader.Cheri joined Hiawatha HomeCare in June 2014. She always helps out and responds to all calls and text messages, even if they come in late at night. Cheri never complains and always had a positive attitude. She has always been professional while interacting with her clients and her team.Cheri is extremely dedicated to Hiawatha HomeCare & we could not appreciate her more! Congratulations again, it is well deserved!





April 2020: Jillene Albers

  Congrats to Jillene Albers for being the caregiver of the month for the month of April! Here is what the clients family had to say about Jillene, "Jillene is the MOST reliable nurse we’ve had in 6.5 years, she is always willing to do anything she can to keep our daughter safe and healthy, she is great at receiving, as well as acting on, feedback, and she has genuine care for her clients. Jillene is quick to research any new feedback from our daughter’s medical team and helps us think through symptoms or behaviors to make changes that benefit our daughter. Our household runs as smoothly as it does because of Nurse Jillene." Her case manager also added a few words "Jillene is a fantastic nurse. She goes above and beyond on all the paperwork/charting at the clients house. She is compassionate and truly cares for her clients. She is a team player, supporting her fellow nurses and client care team." Way to go Jillene. Your work does not go unnoticed.




March, 2020: Analisa Kramer

Congratulations to Analisa Kramer for being selected as our Caregiver of the Month! Analisa has been providing excellent client care for Hiawatha HomeCare since 2006. Analisa has always been extremely conscientious, caring, and always doing her best for her client. Her client loves her for all that she does! The word that best describes Analisa is loyal. She has had the same client since she started working with Hiawatha Homecare. She is always willing to pick up extra shifts and go above and beyond what is expected. We are truly blessed to have her represent our caregiver family!





February, 2020: Cheryl Thorgard Reid

The caregiver of the month for Feburary 2020 is Cheryl Thorgard Reid. This caregiver is wise, experienced, and dependable, which is exactly why Cheryl is deserving of this award. See what her peers had to say: “Cheryl is super compassionate. She takes the time to really see her clients as people. she goes above and beyond to engage their mind as well as take care of their physical needs. Cheryl is always willing to pick up an open shift, and go the extra mile to make sure that our clients have amazing nursing care.” Outside of work you can find her in a community band and volunteering at Loaves & Fishes. Congratulations, Cheryl! We are so grateful to have you on our team.





January, 2020: Michele Columbus Wilson

Happy New Year and welcome to 2020! We are starting the year off by recognizing (a great caregiver) —Michele Columbus Wilson. Michele has been with Hiawatha Homecare for nearly five years. She goes above and beyond what is expected and always has a positive attitude. Here is what a co-worker had to say about her “I work for a client part-time and have noticed all the work Michelle Columbus-Wilson (her full-time nurse) has done over time and all the organizing she’s done in two different households for this clients equipment/supplies. She works many hours and when she did orient me to this client it was under difficult working conditions and she was professional and kind. I appreciate her efforts because they’ve made life easier for the client. It’s also made my job easier as well. She’s a go-getter and has been a true advocate for this client.” Thank you, Michele, for making our clients and their families feel special and valued. You truly are a gift to us and everyone around you. We are honored to have you as our February Caregiver of the Month!
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