Caregiver of the Month

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Every month we like to honor those individuals on our team who contribute a little extra, even beyond the normal exceptional service all our Caregivers provide. Be sure to return frequently to see who is every month's new Caregiver of the Month!

March, 2020: Analisa Kramer

Congratulations to Analisa Kramer for being selected as our Caregiver of the Month! Analisa has been providing excellent client care for Hiawatha HomeCare since 2006. Analisa has always been extremely conscientious, caring, and always doing her best for her client. Her client loves her for all that she does! The word that best describes Analisa is loyal. She has had the same client since she started working with Hiawatha Homecare. She is always willing to pick up extra shifts and go above and beyond what is expected. We are truly blessed to have her represent our caregiver family!




February, 2020: Cheryl Thorgard Reid

The caregiver of the month for Feburary 2020 is Cheryl Thorgard Reid. This caregiver is wise, experienced and dependable, which is exactly why Cheryl is deserving of this award. See what her peers had to say: “Cheryl is super compassionate. She takes the time to really see her clients as people. she goes above and beyond to engage their mind as well as take care of their physical needs. Cheryl is always willing to pick up an open shift, and go the extra mile to make sure that our clients have amazing nursing care.” Outside of work you can find her in a community band and volunteering at Loaves & Fishes. Congratulations, Cheryl! We are so grateful to have you on our team.





January, 2020: Michele Columbus Wilson

Happy New Year and welcome to 2020! We are starting the year off by recognizing (a great caregiver) —Michele Columbus Wilson. Michele has been with Hiawatha Homecare for nearly five years. She goes above and beyond what is expected and always has a positive attitude. Here is a what a co-worker had to say about her “I work for a client part time and have noticed all the work Michelle Columbus-Wilson (her full time nurse) has done over time and all the organizing she’s done in two different households for this clients equipment/supplies. She works many hours and when she did orient me to this client it was under difficult working conditions and she was professional and kind. I appreciate her efforts because they’ve made life easier for the client. It’s also made my job easier as well. She’s a go-getter and has been a true advocate for this client.” Thank you, Michele, for making our clients and their families feel special and valued. You truly are a gift to us and everyone around you. We are honored to have you as our February Caregiver of the Month!







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