Steve Staats

Stephen Staats is the Owner and CFO / CEO who has worked with Hiawatha HomeCare 1989.  Steve’s role at Hiawatha HomeCare includes working with the team of administrative professionals in ensuring compliance with State and Federal regulations, maintaining financial success of the business, and interim office maintenance as needed.

Steve is passionate about Hiawatha and home health care because of his love and devotion to his sister, Karen her husband Ted, and their son, Michael, who was born with multiple medical complexities.  Steve helped Karen care for Michael and his many needs from infancy on: going to visit Michael in the hospital for his many in patient stays, driving Karen to and from appointments with Michael, and helping to provide cares to Michael when he was home.  In 1989 when Karen and Ted decided that Michael needed to be able to stay at home with his family and prevent the frequent long hospitalizations, Steve helped to start Hiawatha HomeCare.  Since the agency started Steve functioned in many roles from administering payroll, managing the finances, and helping ensure the schedule for Michael was covered.  Steve’s passion for Hiawatha and home health care is a life long journey.

When not at Hiawatha HomeCare Steve enjoys spending time with his adult children and dog Korra.  Steve enjoys taking Korra for walks, taking cruises in his Jeep or Charger, gardening and doing yard work, fixing up vehicles, and updating his house.