Nona Plummer

Nona Plummer

Nona Plummer is Director of Clinical Services at Hiawatha Homecare. As a client advocate and point-of-support for our nursing staff, Nona promotes a transparent and compassionate approach to healthcare—one that prioritizes balance, connection, and empowerment for the client and caregiver alike. 

The transition to home healthcare can be an uncertain time for clients and their families. With over ten years of experience at Hiawatha Homecare and nearly two decades in the nursing field, Nona helps our clients make informed, confident decisions and ensures our nurses are equipped with the tools they need to deliver the highest standard of care.

Nona took an unexpected path to nursing. In her early thirties, as a newly single mother struggling to sell used cars, Nona knew she needed a career that would provide stability for her family. Nursing school sparked her natural curiosity and desire to care for others -- it was an easy passion! 

Having spent her early career in long-term care, Nona is a champion for the positive impact of home healthcare. Receiving complex, skilled care in their own homes instead of medical facilities provides our clients and their families with greater connection, happiness, and health benefits. 

Nona prides herself on being a compassionate, knowledgeable resource for clients and team members alike. As a mentor, she helps new nurses build confidence - and exciting careers - through positive feedback and encouragement. As a client advocate, she believes in medicating with calmness and leading with clear direction and honesty.

Outside of work Nona loves to spend quality time with her husband Paul, their children, and their four grandchildren – the joy her own family brings her makes her work keeping clients with their loved ones all the more meaningful.